Sports Glasses

There are several important considerations that you are likely to be looking for in a pair of sports glasses. Light weight (improved comfort), clarity of vision, impact and UV protection, contrast enhancement, glare protection and improved depth perception.

Come and ask us to show you frames for various sporting activities including cycling, running, skiing, watersports, golf, fishing, shooting, driving and many others. We will recommend from an array of lens designs and special tints, polarised lenses, mirror coats.

We will advise you on the best lenses for your favourite sporting activity such as:

Shamir Attitude III® Sport

Progressive lenses designed for sports and active lifestyle

Benefits include:

Wide and distortion-free far vision zone, with a moderate increase of power below the fitting point, providing clear and stable vision above and below the horizon.

Perfect for dynamic sports in which rapid and sharp movements would otherwise cause distorted vision and affect performance.

Drivewear® Lenses

Perfect for daytime driving and outdoor sports

DriveWear® is an intelligent adaptive polarised photochromic prescription sunglass lens developed for drivers, but as it provides glare protection, adapts to the available light, enhances contrast, improves depth perception and reacts to both UV and visible light it has many more uses than driving.

It is ideal for many outdoor sports such as Golf, Cycling, Fishing etc. They are also perfect for spectators.

There are other lenses which we can explain when you visit us. Ask us about Nupolar Infinite Grey, the worlds lightest and darkest polarised lens.

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